Ania KnapinskaSenior Science Adviser

areas of expertise
  • Laboratory and interdisciplinary team management and streamlining
  • Multi-project design and implementation
  • Experimental and laboratory budget restructuring
  • Ergonomic laboratory design and optimization of work space
  • Analysis and management of large data sets
  • Management of multilanguage and multicultural teams – fluent in English, Spanish and Polish, working with clients at all levels in various organizations and all personality types
  • Drug discovery and streamline of automation
  • Assay miniaturization, optimization and implementation for Ultra-High Throughput Screening campaigns
  • Structure-activity lead optimization testing
  • Design, implementation and scale-up of enzymological, biochemical and cell-based 2D and 3D assay models

Ania is a Molecular Biologist with laboratory and team management experience leading to optimal laboratory and research performance.  After receiving her PhD from Rutgers University where she led interdisciplinary projects, she took on the role of a lead scientist at the Scripps Institute in Florida.  There she quickly became a Drug Discovery Lead Scientist on multiple Ultra High Throughput Screening campaigns.


As a laboratory manager Ania ran day to day operations of a Multicultural and Multilanguage interdisciplinary team.   She has worked on several major government grants totaling over $5,000,000 in awards.


Her other responsibilities included implementation and maintenance of laboratory instrumentation including semi-automatic liquid handling platforms, fluorescence microscopy, microplate readers; restructuration of a real-time reagent cataloguing system and existing product ordering system; equipment and contract purchase negotiations; inventory tracking.  In addition, Ania is an entrepreneur, founding and running her own company, MMP Biopharma, whose goal is to develop treatment for osteoarthritis.


Ania has been an avid equestrian for most of her life and enjoys a multitude of equine activities.  She is also an avid amateur disc-golfer, with multiple World Championship titles.


Ania is fluent in Polish, Spanish and English