Complete Training Services

Well-designed and delivered training can give an ROI of 4x to 5x. Poorly designed training can return zero.

Our Training Services determine what your Life Sciences business actually needs, designs appropriate content, deliver it and ensures that the learning has been absorbed (Reinforcement)

combine the skills of

  • Business Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Content Creation
  • Training Delivery
  • Change Management

PWC 2011 report Millennials at Work finds ” When asked which benefits they would most value from an employer, respondents named training and development and flexible working opportunities over financial benefits.”

  • Which three benefits would you most value from an employer? – % ranking each 1st place
Business Analysis

Needs Analysis for the workforce under consideration and a Gap Analysis of what training is currently available.

Program Management

Training content creation is a multi-threaded program, often carried out by staff who are dispersed. Management of designers, writers, LCM administrators and trainers requires a skill set of it’s own.

Content Creation

Creating training content is more than creating PowerPoint slides. Designers chart out the Learning Objectives for a module. Modules, in turn, are designed as part of a training course.

Modules are uploaded to a Learning Management System (LMS) for online, on-demand learning.

Training Delivery

Training can be delivered In Person, or online live or from a Learning Management System (LMS).

Change Management

Most training is not put to use unless it is absorbed and used in a working environment. Change Management techniques are used to reinforce the training, and gather feedback for future modifications to the courses and training content.

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Custom training designed and delivered for your business. We are reliable, consistent and conscientious

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Solving Business Problems

Veritri Consulting has a keen focus on the business of Life Sciences. We ensure that our training is what your business requires

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A Partner in Learning

Our approachable and supportive training style is to make you feel like you have a partner, not a lecturer

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