Recruitment Assessments

Save Costs and Hire Well

All organizations need to recruit, but getting the right staff for your business can be an expensive proposition – if it doesn’t work out.

When you seek staff

  • You can investigate experience
  • You can validate credentials
  • But when you hire, how do you know what the character of the candidate is?

Our services solve human capital management problem that every organization faces. Employees are your most valuable asset, and finding the best employees, retaining them and developing employees to achieve the organization’s mission and goals is what we help our customers achieve.

According to a CareerBuilder May 2013 survey, 36% of US employers reported that bad hires have affected their business. Breaking it down by country:

  • Percentage of Employers Reporting Bad Hires
Reduce employee turnover

Validate that the prospective employee has the right character for your business.

Make better hiring decisions

Typically 14% of hires are “good”. That’s a 1 in 7 chance of success

Reduce costs

Hiring is expensive, and letting go can be expensive too. Add in the inefficiencies caused by a bad hire, perhaps the mistakes that were made, and you’re looking at significant costs.

Improved working environment

With the right staff, you can increase sales, improve productivity, improve work quality and improve customer satisfaction.