Getting your drug or device to market can take decades or even forever, but that’s a great way to go bankrupt or get fired. It’s also completely unnecessary and, when you work with Veritri, vastly less likely.

We have helped many clients go from concept to proof of concept, through clinicals, regulatory approval and to market in a vastly shorter time than they first expected. We have qualified new manufacturing plants and packaging lines, and developed and implemented global manufacturing and distribution strategies. We’ve launched products in OTC, cosmetics, pharma and med devices, and assisted with research and regulatory filings at the FDA, in Japan, EU and Latin America.

As much as we’re able to help our clients accomplish, we’re also pretty sanguine when the situation calls for it. With apologies to Donald Rumsfeld, we know what we don’t know – in those cases, we’ll quickly track down and bring in the expertise you need. These won’t be names from a quick Google search (“Who are these clowns?”). No. They’ll be alliance partners that we have worked with several times before; individuals and other firms that bring a verifiable record of success.

Commercialization delivery

There has been a decline in getting new drugs to market over a period of years

  • Number of new drugs approved

Source: USFDA, PhRMA

Business planning & strategy

Biotech has produced no breakthrough in R&D productivity.

So, look at improving the Commercialization team organization and processes

Getting products to market

We help you select and assemble the right team for the project at hand

Experts at creating multi-phase projects, we clearly define attainable steps to delivery

From definition of baselines, to project reporting and roll up to executives, we know how to measure the project and not burden the team with administration.

how can we help you?

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I’m a startup exec with lots of pitch experience. We’re at the beginning of a critical Series A financing and I wanted to be sure that our company presentation was as strong as possible. We selected Veritri Consulting to assist us… It was a great decision. Steve Nunn and colleagues covered every aspect of the pitch: content, flow, graphics, presentation, and overall message. By the end of the process the pitch and my delivery were professional, confident, and persuasive. If you want to be successful, Veritri is well worth the investment.

Tom Schultz
CEO, Freshsurety