Veritri: Three Truths

Veritri Consulting was founded by Dave Marston, Sean Tibor, and Steve Nunn in 2016, in South Florida. However, the journey of how we came together is the true history. Three founders, three truths.

50 Years in the Making

With more than 50 years of combined business experience, the Veritri Consulting leadership brings together a broad skill set. Our strength comes from the different paths we have travelled to get to where we are today.

Steve Nunn

Experienced in international cross-functional management, Steve has worked in Fortune 100 businesses and startups. He applies this operations knowledge to plan achievable, pragmatic results and deliver them.

Starting his career in Civil Engineering construction he discovered the joy of being thrown in the deep end. He didn’t drown, he swam. Steve pioneered the use of computers to measure the complex work undertaken on construction sites.
Computer Aided Design (CAD) was a growing market, and Steve was riding the wave of this expansion. Working in the UK, Australia, and back in the UK, he was focused on bringing CAD to Architects and Building Engineers to improve productivity

Taking CAD to the next step, Steve moved into software design and managing a team of software developers. He continued this track when he moved to the USA

Working across the North America, Steve implemented IT systems at large organizations. Success led to him leading a team of consultants doing the same.
Although he had been creating and delivering training for 10 years, it became Steve’s sole focus when tasked with creating change within a training organization. He standardized processes, techniques and tools, and fostered a collaborative environment

Realizing his passion for organizing businesses and helping the people within them, Steve has guided businesses through numerous acquisition integrations in many industries, around the globe

Sean Tibor

With more than 15 years of digital marketing experience, Sean has worked on everything from billion dollar brands like Crest and Oral B to online higher education to regional health care delivery

Marketing activity without strategic direction can be a waste of time, money, and resources. Using a proven approach to develop marketing strategies that elevate your digital activities results in sustainable business growth that outpaces your competition.

Revitalizing your marketing approach is not something to be taken lightly. You need experienced direction to achieve your goals. Sean has years of experience leading businesses through substantial change to elevate their marketing approach.

Sean’s career started in Information Technology and he’s taken his systems analysis skills to digital marketing to deliver data-driven breakthrough results

Dave Marston

Since 1998, Dave has helped nearly 30 clients in pharma, med device, OTC and consumer goods across dozens of strategy and operations engagements. His clients value his ability to build rapid, enthusiastic alignment across functions that are not natural allies. And help them march forward, double time, to execute strategies that deliver precisely what’s needed.

Working across several different functions and international borders, Dave has built and delivered plans to qualify new manufacturing facilities and lines, and co-locate drug packaging plants within existing plants.

Dave has created detailed, executable strategies for IT organizations worldwide – aligning their applications and infrastructure with their own goals, and equally closely with their business stakeholders.

Having delivered nearly 20 different consulting engagements at CVS / Pharmacy, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, P&G, Frito-Lay and Unilever, among others, Dave’s experience in this area covers all aspects of strategy and operations.

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I’m a startup exec with lots of pitch experience. We’re at the beginning of a critical Series A financing and I wanted to be sure that our company presentation was as strong as possible. We selected Veritri Consulting to assist us… It was a great decision. Steve Nunn and colleagues covered every aspect of the pitch: content, flow, graphics, presentation, and overall message. By the end of the process the pitch and my delivery were professional, confident, and persuasive. If you want to be successful, Veritri is well worth the investment.

Tom Schultz
CEO, Freshsurety